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The media is looking for someone like you but you are still the best-kept secret.

Are you a speaker, coach, consultant, author, or expert who wants to showcase your expertise?

Do you want to pitch the media but are overwhelmed with the who, what, and how?

Are you ready to become a television producer’s dream?

Are you ready to stop dreaming about being on television and finally make it a reality?

Do you desire to repeatedly be booked and generate leads and sales from your appearances?


I know booking media can be frustrating and overwhelming but I am here to support you.

My name is Roshanda Pratt. I am known online as The Rosho Live. I have booked myself on media outlets such as the Tamron Hall Show, CBS’ The Talk, Power to The People and in Top 30 U.S. markets such as NBC,CBS, ABC, and FOX to promote my expertise as a storyteller and live video strategist. 

I know how to leverage media to gain visibility for impact, influence, and income:

Tamika wanted to boost her visibility in media as a leadership expert and discovered she could go outside her hometown to do so.

I learned a lot of insider secrets about pitching the media during my 20-year career as a Television News Producer. I have worked on the biggest news stories such as 9-11, the removal of the Confederate flag from the South Carolina Statehouse grounds, and the historic 1,000-year flood. 

In MEDIA MOMENTUM, I am offering YOU the opportunity to learn my proven ways to think like a producer, pitch the media, and repeatedly get booked. Traditional media, like television, still has a profound effect on you being seen, heard, and paid. Media gives you the opportunity to build your reputation on the name of someone else. imagine having: AS SEEN ON ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX” on your website? What would that do for your brand? Each training shares exactly what I’ve been able to do in my own business to create relationships with the media, pitch segment ideas, and work with amazing clients who found me on television. 

While I can’t promise you specific results, I can tell you that the training here has earned me impact, influence, and income. In fact, one pitch media yielded a repeat segment for well into a year. Media has opened up opportunities to be booked for paid speaking engagements.

I am teaching you the exact things I’ve done to show up and sell for clients and myself. 

Through this course, you will learn strategies that you can forever apply in your business because the process works if you work it. You will receive the following:


Learn my step-by-step approach to crafting media segments, pitching the media, preparing for the live media opportunity, discover how to find stories, and learn how to become a producer’s dream guest. These courses are: 

Media Vault

Go inside the media vault for best practices with bonuses such as expert interviews with industry professionals, role play with the Roshanda “The Rosho” Pratt, training on how to write press releases, inclusion into the members-only Facebook community for support and accountability with other ambitious people. It also includes bonuses with a professional make-up artist and wardrobe stylist. 

This course is FOR YOU IF: 

  • You are eager to grow visibility for your business and profits.
  • You are looking to use media to grow your expertise, leads, and income.
  • You have an amazing product or service that will benefit others.
  • You are an entrepreneur, coach, author, public speaker, or consultant with a product or service.
  • You want to create impact, influence, and income.


Why not you and why not now? Even though you know you have the goods, you are an expert with an amazing product but no one knows. I know how frustrating that can be. 

Television media gives you the opportunity to build your credibility, expertise, and profitability with someone else’s reputation. I have seen what media can do for clients like Jennifer Kish. This homeschool mom of six wrote a blog that got picked up from the Today Show Parenting blog. She was featured on the front page. Since then, she has become a paid blogger, continues to be featured by The Today Show Parenting blog, went viral and has grown a Facebook community to 56k organically!


Kesha Hayes never thought she could land local television coverage. She’s an expert in elderly care as well as the owner of a school for the next generation of health professionals. Not only did she land television media coverage but she was contacted personally by the General Manager at the Television station because of how well she presented her expertise in a previous interview. 

And I have been able to land television media from the Tamron Hall Show, CBS’ The Talk and a recurring media appearance on Fox 46 Charlotte’s Good Day Charlotte morning show sharing about social media. I know from personal experience that the right visibility can be a game changer and it’s not only for me, it’s for anyone who is committed to do this too. 

I want to share this with you as well to create impact, influence, and income. With this training, you’ll be able to increase your visibility and have the earnings you deserve if you implement the strategies shown. This is your opportunity to show up differently. Now is the time! 

Roshanda "The Rosho" Pratt

Storyteller, Live Stream Strategist, First Lady of Visibility

Storyteller, Live stream Strategist & Heart-felt Producer Roshanda E. Pratt

Roshanda 'The Rosho' Pratt  As a first-generation American with strong, Trinidadian roots, Roshanda, the “Rosho” Pratt comes from a generation of storytellers, and life-of-the-party types. Now this former journalist and self-proclaimed ‘First Lady of Visibility’ teaches others the power of embracing and sharing their stories so they can be seen, heard and paid. Roshanda is a regular contributor on local television and radio stations across the country. Her dynamic personality and expertise have also been featured nationally on CBS’ The Talk, and the Tamron Hall Show. Her Amazon #1 best-selling book CEO of LIVE VIDEO: Discover the Fundamentals of Dominating Live Video is a blueprint for thousands of people ready to show up at the next level. Roshanda has also written 2 other Amazon #1 best sellers and has been published in the Huffington Post.A digital pioneer in utilizing video and live streaming to increase visibility, Roshanda runs a thriving online community via her Facebook page, Roshanda “The Rosho” Pratt where she regularly shares her faith, humor and 20 years of television producing experience. Roshanda has utilized her ability to connect message with story to produce video and live streaming campaigns for global brands. She is an international speaker with a BA in Mass Communication from Winthrop University.When she’s not working as a Storyteller Strategist helping clients find their voice, engage their audience and grow their business,  she plays a supportive cast to her husband Jacobee and their three children.

Course curriculum

    1. Media Momentum Rundown

    2. Welcome to Media Momentum

    1. Media Mindset and Becoming an Expert

    2. Fear of Pitching The Media

    3. What is your intention?

    1. Story Gathering Process

    2. Copy of The CEO Guide to creating your message

    1. Module 3: Pitching Better Stories

    1. News jacking & Deep Dive on Pitching

    2. Spring Cleaning Your Social Media Segment

    1. Pitching The Producer Role Play

    2. Television News Terms to Know

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  • 41 lessons
  • 9 hours of video content